Facebook Continues To Dominate Driving Engagement Social Sales and Traffic

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Facebook at Mozcon - Alex

Facebook at Mozcon – Alex (Photo credit: Thos003)

I think it’s no surprise here really that Facebook continues dominating the web as a source of social traffic and sales, but look at the other statistics as well. Let’s look at this first article covered by Jeff Domansky

You can view the original article. Interesting to note that this is traffic being driven to Shopify and their study. I would love to have seen a little more insight from Jeff, logically my initial questions are. 1. What is Shopify doing so well with their Facebook marketing and engagement? 2. What is the percentage across the board for companies driving traffic and sales to their products and services from Facebook?

Some other interesting Facebook posts.

Scooped by http://www.scoop.it/u/Tocquigny

Great pice shared by http://www.scoop.it/u/ridwan-revanzya-reyza

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